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Gluten – Tiny Fear #456666666666

December 24, 2012


I was denied enrollment into ‘Artisan Pastries 101’ because of my gluten allergy. This is discrimination, I said. The Dean was not sympathetic. The Dean asked, why would a person who can’t eat pastries want to bake pastries? He had me there. The real reason was that I had once fallen in love with a […]

Mathematicians – Tiny Fear #3343

August 20, 2012


My last girlfriend was a mathematician. She told me that once all the love was gone there was nothing and I asked if that meant there was zero love left. No, she said, nothing and zero are not the same. Fine, I said, but I still feel like there is something between us. Maybe a […]

Stab Stab – Tiny Fear #9A

June 7, 2012


For a long waste of time she was into romance, but then she became more interested in knives. The romance was not working as promised. Men were generally disappointing creatures and so she began to hunt them with new intentions. Instead of love, she took up stalking and stabbing. This was something new, and something […]

Friends – Tiny Fear #1

April 10, 2012


I joined the social network and immediately made fifty friends. I only knew two of those people, but it felt great to connect. During the next six hours I made a hundred more friends. The next day the number grew to five hundred.¬†Who are you people, I said. No one answered. Instead they began to […]

Scarecrow Children – Tiny Fear #33

March 23, 2012


We started the farm with two Scarecrows. Because it is boring in the fields the Scarecrows did what most bored people do and decided to have babies. That was many years ago. Most of those babies have become loud and obnoxious Children. Instead of protecting the fields the Children have been destroying them. Damn Scarecrows, […]

Catastrophes – Tiny Fear #546

March 8, 2012


There are some scientists whose sole job is not to conduct science but to create catastrophes. Yesterday one of these scientists issued a press release writing that by his calculations there was a .0000003 chance that the moon would collide with the Earth in the next few days. Kiss your loved ones on the cheek, […]

Freeway – Tiny Fear #17

March 3, 2012


People were running into the freeway on accident. They were so overwhelmed with the panic of everyday life that they were fleeing right into the trucks and cars. The city had to build a large fence. At the ribbon cutting ceremony the Mayor said, we want to protect the people. The Mayor said, we all […]