The Poet Takes Up Stealing Concrete – Solution #222

Posted on January 1, 2014


I have been worried about the Poet, because lately she has given up.

This all began when she decided to find a lover and for some reason started to court monsters. The last gentleman, a monster that lived at the bottom of our lake, took her left hand which was the hand she used to write haikus. I am certain that this played a key role in her abandonment of courting and love and her beautiful poetry. 

Everyone in town loves the Poet. This is why it is surprising that she is still alone.  Before she gave up, she would sometimes stand in the center of the town and read to us. One moment she would have us in awe at the world, and the next we would be weeping. 

Since she has given up on courting and love and her beautiful poetry, she has been spending her time tearing up all of the concrete in town. This is exceptional given that she has only one hand. We are worried about her though, because poets feel so much that sometimes their hearts grow weak.  

Many of us think that she will eventually court again, but for now we no longer have streets and a many of our walls are missing. She is building a mountain. Some people argue that maybe this is poetry in of itself, but no can be sure.

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