Things I Tend to Do Since You Left to Plan Spaceship Routes on Jupiter – Solution #9

Posted on April 1, 2013


It has been three months since you left to plan spaceship routes on Jupiter. My family is really impressed by you. Its a great opportunity and I’m in full support.  Fortunately and unfortunately, we are in love with each other , and now we are on different planets. So now I am sick and feel like I might die.

I read a Huffington Post article that said I should share with you the things I tend to do since you left for Jupiter, but I don’t trust my mind, so I have written them all down on these post-it notes.

I have been working a lot on this space shuttle I bought from IKEA. I’m going to come see you with it.  There are a hundred million thousand pieces and the instructions are in morse code, but I’m making do.

I spend a lot of time with the old man next door.  He is always coming over, constantly looking over my shoulder and telling me how terrible I am at putting space shuttles together.  Why didn’t you pay them to put it together for you, he always says. I think I might poison him tomorrow.

When I am not building the space shuttle, I am doing things we use to do because they remind me of you. Is that weird?  Sometimes I will walk the same path we took to this place or that. Sometimes I will talk to you but you aren’t really here, you are on Jupiter. But even then, sometimes you talk back. I will see a doctor about this.

I made a pillow and I have been calling it by your name. This is your pillow doppelgänger now. Of course I don’t sleep now, so we just talk about you all night. I will see a doctor about this too.

Sometimes I will go to the park and find a boulder and I will push it up a hill. This reminds me of all of the time I spent not being with you before I was with you before you went away to Jupiter.

I think about all of those space men. Are those space men leaving you alone?  Do they know that you are mine?

I think about all of those alien men. Are those alien men leaving you alone?

I have no use for Earth girls now. There is only this Jupiter girl.

I go to that bad mexican place for every meal. It reminds me of you. I know it made both of us sick, but I can’t help it. I scream a lot at night now, but there is a trace of you left there.

I spend the nights I am not screaming at the launch pad. I like to gaze at the path you took to Jupiter. Sometimes, if I squint, I think I can see Jupiter. Can you see Earth?

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