We Maybe Love Cats Now – Problem #32

Posted on March 17, 2013


The bad news is that everyone at the office has been infected with Toxoplasma Gondii, which is a parasite that makes all of us feel affectionate towards cats.

The good news it we now have twenty-five or thirty cats in the office. They are really cute and they love to play with string.

Unfortunately this is ruining our office budget. Not only are the cats scratching all of our chairs and using a ton of kitty litter, none of us know how to feed a cat.

We have been shipping in entire armies of mice.  The copier room is full of the bones of rodents and the fax machine is in there too. If any of us still used a fax machine we would be totally screwed.

Needless to say, we love our cats, but the whole mice slaughtering has caused us all to become vegetarians.

The other office floors avoid us now. They call us the crazy cat people, but we aren’t crazy, we just love how fluffy and beautiful our cats are. Those little wet noses. The long tails. Sometimes we purr at the cats. Sometimes the cats purr at us. But only if they are in a good mood. When they don’t purr back or sit on our laps that kind of hurts our feelings, but that’s just a cat for you. Forgive the ones you love, we always say.  Then we hang another picture of one of felines on our cubicle wall.

IMAG0807 copy

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