Medusa – Solution #4

Posted on March 9, 2013


A man wakes up to find that everyone in town has turned to stone.  The pigeons are happy about this, but the man is upset.

He walks to town hall and demands to know what is going on. He finds the mayor and begins to yell questions. Was there a memo that everyone was going to do this? He is a tax payer. Why wasn’t he included?

The mayor says nothing.  The man is furious but then feels great loneliness.

A woman peeks out from behind the mayor. Hi, she says. The man thinks she looks mischievous and cute and that she is wearing a funny hat.

The man says, that is a funny hat. Is there something moving inside it?

Yes, she says. Snakes.

The man says, why aren’t you stone, like everyone else?

Seemed boring, she says. She produces a hammer. This is more fun, she says.

The woman smashes the mayor to pieces and both the man and the woman giggle.

That does look fun, the man says.

The man and the woman go around the town smashing the stone people and later, when they are tired and their stomachs hurt from laughing, they watch the sun set.

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