Chuck E Cheese – Problem #1

Posted on January 6, 2013


I became addicted to Chuck E Cheese. There was something in the pizza. I went into the kitchen to find out what, but they kicked me out and said I couldn’t come back.  Instead of focusing on the addiction I accepted it and found another Chuck E Cheese across town. I gained about a two hundred pounds, but I had fun. I rode the rocket ships with Chuck E himself and collect thousands of tickets. One day, after too much soda, I went into the restroom and saw myself in the mirror. I was fat and hairy and my teeth had grown three times their size. The pizza had ruined me.  I had become the evil doppelgänger of Chuck.  From then on I hid myself in the very spacious ventilation shafts. Every once in awhile I would come out and devour a small child or steal tickets or slices of pizza. Sometimes someone would catch a glimpse of me. They would yell, Oh my sweet God its the  doppelgänger! They could never catch me. My only problem was a fear that they would eventually hire an exterminator or buy a cat.

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