No More Hands – Long Conversation #22

Posted on May 6, 2012


Just as I was getting over my fear of sparkling vampires, the Bats returned to Ohio. We came upon one in the attic. Oh my God, she screamed. Look. It is a dead bat! She began to cry uncontrollably.

Don’t worry, I said. He isn’t dead. He’s just taking a nap.

She began to eat her own hand in terror. She did not take the death of small creatures very well.

This is a touch dramatic, I told her. He’s not dead.

She began to eat her other hand.

Stop that, I said. Stop it now!

The bats in the rafters began to stir. They were hungry too.

You are waking up the bats, I told her.

She tried to reply but her mouth was full. What would I do, I thought, with a woman with no hands.

Soon the bats descended upon us and nothing was left between me or her.