Scarecrow Children – Tiny Fear #33

Posted on March 23, 2012


We started the farm with two Scarecrows. Because it is boring in the fields the Scarecrows did what most bored people do and decided to have babies. That was many years ago. Most of those babies have become loud and obnoxious Children. Instead of protecting the fields the Children have been destroying them.

Damn Scarecrows, I say. Can’t even keep their Children behaved, I grumble. I am always complaining to the Horse about the Scarecrows. You should do something about it, the Horse says. He has grown tired of my ranting. All he wants is his daily carrot. The Horse doesn’t give a damn about the Children or the farm. I will have to catch the Scarecrows and behead them, I tell the Horse. Violence never solves anything, the Horse says. I decide to not give the Horse his carrot. I hate the farm, I say to the Horse.  We both take up heavy drinking.