Pet Deposits – Long Conversation #94

Posted on March 21, 2012


There is a man that lives under my couch but that does not pay any of the rent. This is a crap deal for me because I also have to pay a monthly pet deposit because he has a cat. Sometimes I yell at the man under the couch and say, Get a job so that you can pay some of the rent!

I have to clean the litter box all of the time. Cats have terrible urine and I read that it will kill you if you do not clean it out.  At least pay the pet deposit, I yell at the man who lives under the couch.

It never fails that the man who lives under the couch will tell me to check under the cushions. When I do I find a ton of money. There are so many quarters. I never understand how the man under the couch gets this money. Maybe there is a vending machine under the couch. Either way, I am going to kill his cat and hopefully that will make him want to move out.