With Bones – The Toddler #8

Posted on February 13, 2012


We have recently become aware of the impressive bone collection that the Toddler has accumulated. Where did you get all of these bones, we ask the Toddler. We do not steal from dogs, we tell the Toddler. The Toddler says all sorts of things about food and chocolate milk but nothing about the bones. I write a letter to the Toddler’s Mother (because we do not speak any longer) about how we allow the Toddler to roam too freely. There must be boundaries, I write to the Mother.

We have tried to sit the Toddler down and explain that bones carry germs and could kill you. We shine an interrogation lamp on the Toddler. Where did the bones come from, we demand. In the light of the lamp the Toddler looks quite frightening. The Toddler does not answer our questions. Instead the Toddler screams for ice cream. We take the Toddler out for ice cream because it is a particularly scary Toddler, just like its Mother, and because we do not want to argue.

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