An Election Year Diet – Long Conversation #92

Posted on February 6, 2012


We have been eating the elephants lately. As a dominant animal they have become very full of themselves and so someone has to do something. We have a lot of practice eating animals because as children animal crackers were a common treat. When we eat an elephant we typically begin with the trunk. We do not want them to make noise, as elephants are noisy creatures, and noise would attract the attention of other elephants and they might escape before we can capture them with our teeth. We never eat all of the elephant. We aren’t monsters. Typically we leave the feet and the tail. We are beginning to plan on eating the donkeys next. Because we are eating all of these dominant animals we do not know what animal will become dominant next. We are expecting that it will be the pterodactyl, which we will not eat because they are not quite as dangerous as elephants or donkeys.