Smoke – Tiny Fear #54343

Posted on February 3, 2012


I came into possession of an ugly warehouse. After I got the proper permits I made the whole god damn place special. I used these mirrors and then I smoked a whole lot of cigarettes. The place looked magical. When the lookers came they gasped in awe. This is beautiful, they said. This is unbelievable, they said. They said that everything looked great.

Thank you, I said. It was hard work but I appreciate that you appreciate it.

Then I made a mistake and I laid it out. I told them that it was all smoke and mirrors.

They looked horrified. Didn’t you hear, they said, that the Surgeon General banned smoke? It’s bad for your health.

They reported me to the Surgeon General and he came and he took away the smoke. He pointed a finger at me and said that I probably had lung cancer.

This is terrible, I said. I was laying down and talking to the mirrors, which were just mirrors now and nothing special. Not a god damn thing was special.