End of Election Year – Tiny Fear #35

Posted on January 22, 2012


Election year is always fun because we get to talk trash and pretend to be political advisors.  We are never sure what we do when it isn’t an election year.  Where are we the other three years when we aren’t worrying about elections, I say. Drinking the whiskey and dancing badly, my friend says. We do that now, I say. Well we do it more during the three year break, he says. What will we do when the election is over, I say. We are both getting old, he says. We will need to make babies and start a retirement account, I point out. No, he says, we won’t do that now. Then what, I say. We think for a moment and figure we will probably go home and make canned ravioli and play Uno and get fat, a fate that is hideous and relaxing in the same stroke. We will also let the guy we have tied up in the basement with political bumper stickers go until next election year, when we have to catch another.