Flora Auctus – Tiny Fear #67

Posted on January 18, 2012


The pomegranate is a tough fruit, which is what concerns the man about the seed that has been lodged in his throat for the past month. Normally his fear of seeds has kept him from eating any fruit, but he had one too many glasses of Bulleits and a cute girl talks him into trying a pomegranate. Now he feels an itch in his throat. The man believes that this is the seed sprouting. The man goes to his doctor and asks him to check on the seed. The doctor shines a light into his mouth. I don’t see anything, his doctor says. But I can feel it, the man says. That night the man has a dream that he is talking to the cute girl and all of a sudden he begins to choke up pomegranates. When he finishes coughing pomegranates they have enough fruit for six weeks.  He thinks all of his trouble is over until the limbs of a small tree force their way out of his mouth. They need sun light. The cute girl is so impressed she sleeps with him. She has always wanted to sleep with a man under a tree. They fall into a deep love. In the morning when he wakes up the itch in his throat is gone and he realizes he is a hypochondriac in both love and sickness.