The Blood on the Sink – Long Conversation #34

Posted on January 16, 2012


The man wants to give his wife a kiss on the cheek so he walks in and bends over and kisses her on the cheek. Thank you, she says. She smiles. He smiles. Then he notices the blood. What is that, he says. He knows it is blood. That’s just nail polish remover, she says. She laughs. He thinks that maybe this is a fake laugh and he laughs back, which is also fake. He knows she has a temper and he has always noted that her enemies tend to disappear and never reappear. What a magic act, he thinks suspiciously. Well it doesn’t look like nail polish remover, he says. He pinches her cheek. You’re so cute, he says. She is not amused. You don’t believe me, she says. No, no, he says. I didn’t mean I don’t believe you. The man’s pulse begins to increase. He knows that what is on the sink is blood and not nail polish remover. He has always been suspicious of her blood lust. Don’t ever pinch my cheeks again, she says. He looks down at her nails, trying to find evidence of nail polish, but she is hiding her hands behind her back, with a look on her face that puts him in a state of alert.  Make yourself useful, he thinks. I’ll go make you a sandwich, he says. He takes his leave and hurriedly heads to the kitchen. If he can appear useful, perhaps she will keep him around a while longer.