Losing Things – Long Conversation #2

Posted on January 12, 2012


I’m not completely lost yet. I have been visiting a plane. We are not getting along all that well. I need more space, I try to tell it, but planes have no ears. Oh yes, and I did misplace 3000 photographs taken for the purposes of SomethingNewPlease. After hiring a few archaeologists and a service manager at a Sprint store, the photographs have been recovered. Close one. Why yes I have been taking a bit of a break in the new year. Thank you for noticing. That being said I have decided to treat this as SomethingNewPlease: Volume 2. The first volume consisted of Advice, Paranoia, Curses, and other Comforts. There were approximately 365 photos and stories. This year will be much the same, only the volume name will change to Little Rules, Long Conversations, and other Tiny Fears. New things are good. They serve a purpose, anyway.

P.S. I am back.

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