Dancing Pups – Comfort #85343

Posted on December 30, 2011


The dogs have been depressed lately. This is sad for us because we love our dogs and we want to be loyal to them like they are to us. Unfortunately the dogs no longer want to be walked. This is what has been depressing them. They want to dance instead. We aren’t good dancers, but we have given it a try. We have tried to Salsa with the dogs and we have tried to Rumba with the dogs, but we keep stepping on the dogs feet. Because the dogs feet are so sore, they no longer fetch the paper. Poor dogs, we mutter.  We decide to have children and have them fetch the paper. That’s when we find out that children are not easy. They need a lot of attention early on. The dogs would have been better. We could have taken them ballroom dancing, but now we are stuck babysitting and changing diapers and watching Dora the Explorer, which makes us feel like we are having a stroke.

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