Puppy Mill – Curse #43421

Posted on December 23, 2011


The wiener dogs were making out on the window sill.  You know what happens when mammals start to make out?  Babies.  Puppies in this case.  They had 300 puppies. They were running around all over the place, eating all of the meat and all of the cats.  Other dogs from the neighborhood were starting to come over and play with the puppies.  Soon they were making out too, these neighborhood dogs and the puppies.  They began to multiply.  Even though no one wants a dog in this economy, I opened up a pet shop.  The state quickly shut it down and called it a puppy mill. The authorities put me in a car and drove me to the forest and took me out and led me so far into the trees that I had no idea where we were. They let me go and then turned to leave so I started to follow them. STAY, they said. I was confused and somewhat hurt by their tone. Sit, they said. So I sat down on the ground and watched as they left. When the night came I started to look for something to eat. I wanted to catch a rabbit. I was so hungry I could eat it raw. I thought about the puppies at home and wondered if they were playing cards or chasing their tails.

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