Fire in the Head – Curse #8885

Posted on December 21, 2011


He loaded up his favorite social network and made the following event.

Event Name: Burn my Head Clean Off

Date and Time: Tomorrow at 3pm.

Location: Wherever you are.

Details: Please set your alarms for 3pm. I know this is asking a lot, but bear with me. When the alarm goes off, please begin talking about me. Talk about whatever you like. You will probably want to talk about my drinking or about my foul mouth or about that thing I caught from the girl down in the park. I am trying an experiment to see if I can get my head to burn off. I know things will begin slowly. They will begin with my ears. But I am curious to see if it will proceed from there and how quickly. So if you would please help me with this experiment, I would appreciate it. I will not ask you for anything else. Do not worry about me. As you all have been discussing, according to the burning sensation in my ears, I am all alone these days and in quite a dreary state. This will give me something to occupy my time. I am hoping for a real bonfire guys, so please don’t disappoint me, like everything else seems to do.

He selected all 1200 acquaintances and hit send and he didn’t have to wait long before people were talking, far ahead of schedule.  The fire did indeed start in his ears, a spark that spread quickly through the rest of his head and which burst into an inferno that burnt down a few blocks of the city. And that was how the great fire of 2011 began and ended, started by a collective of whispers and sighs.

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