2-Ply – Curse #6667

Posted on December 19, 2011


The problem with the toilet paper is that there isn’t any. No one is happy when the toilet paper is gone. Who is going to go and get more, one of my roommates asks. Not me, I say. I have bought the last sixty rolls. We go through one a day.  It’s been two months. The only thing that makes someone more angry than not having toilet paper is having bought all the toilet paper and then not having any. I can hear my roommates discuss who will go and buy the toilet paper and how many plys it will be.

The truth is that my roommates blatantly waste the toilet paper.  I am going to start punishing my roommates when they go and use too much toilet paper. I am going to stop them in the hall and tell them that they get no toilet paper the next time they go if they waste the toilet paper. This will probably fix nothing. I will have to plot their demise. I will have to use pillows. Pillows are violent enough for a bit of fun, yet deceptively gentle in appearance.

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