Warning Lesson – Advice #1243

Posted on December 11, 2011


This is a warning lesson, she said. I had been tricked. I thought we were going to the grocery store. I wanted sugar puffs and milk.

Warning lesson isn’t a real phrase, I said.

She pulled out a few items and left them on the trunk. This is your survival kit, she said. We were in the middle of no where, fifty miles to the nearest town. She had laid out a water bottle, two hard boiled eggs, a thawing ice pack, and a cup of Starbucks coffee. Make these last, she said.

Wait, I said. What is this a warning lesson for?

This is a warning that you need to learn how to pee with the lid up and then put it back down again, she said.

I didn’t realize that bothered you this much, I said. This is kind of a big deal, I muttered. I have a bad knee, I begged.

And remember also, she said, that you need to wash your hands every time you flush the toilet. And remember also, she said, to flush the damn toilet.

Warning lesson isn’t a real phrase, I said.

Then it was sundown and fading tail lights.

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