Promotion – Curse #8840

Posted on December 5, 2011


Congratulations, the Mayor said. You’ve been promoted.

I don’t want a promotion, I said.

I was the city’s public policy guy. I enjoyed my job. I was paid a million dollars a year to make riddles that would be used to answer questions about government effectiveness and what such and such employee did for the city.

This is a good thing, the Mayor said.

No, I said. This is not a good thing. I don’t want a promotion.

Yes you do, the Mayor said.

What is the promotion, I said.

You are going to be in charge of the sidewalk program, the Mayor said. We did the analysis and it turns out that if we build sidewalks over all of our land, we will make jobs.

I had no idea how public infrastructure worked. Doesn’t make sense to me, I said.

You have no idea how public infrastructure works, the Mayor said.

So then why do I get the promotion, I said.

Because, he said, a lot of people are going to ask questions and we’re going to need some cryptic, riddle like answers.

I don’t think your analysis was right, I said. I’m not an ecologist but don’t we need soil and such?

We need jobs, the Mayor said.

So we’re going to build sidewalks everywhere, I said.

Everywhere, the Mayor said. In the fields, in the front yards, in the backyards.

I have a really nice elm tree in my backyard, I said.

It has to go, the Mayor said. For the jobs.

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