Feet #9

Posted on December 4, 2011


This is the ninth time that this strange pair of feet are sticking out from beneath the sheets. On the bright side, the feet do seem to be proper feet. They are well manicured and the toenails are painted blue. If they were painting in some wild, loud color, that would give pause for concern. But no, the feet seem to be fine and contain only the average number of toes, which seems to be something like ten. I want to get to know the feet better. I want to take them out dancing or to the bowling alley, but I always seem to meet the feet here in my room and never in public. Maybe the feet are embarrassed to be seen with me. Maybe the feet have other public relationships that simply cannot be confounded by the likes of me. Regardless, I have had these feet in my room nine times and I am still not clear what name the feet go by or what size shoe they wear.

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