Tragedy of the Hydrant – Curse #759H

Posted on November 28, 2011


There is this guitarist on the street, outside the window of a woman that he loves and he is playing a song that all of the pedestrians stop and listen to. They are enchanted by his passion and the notes from the guitar. The song has her name, and he is playing louder and louder, hoping to get her attention, but her window has been shut and recently sealed for winter. He plays into the night and people begin to drop quarters and dollars into his guitar case. He does not want money, he wants the attention of the woman, but this does not stop some fiend from seeing the money and stabbing the guitar player and leaving him there to die for twenty bucks in change. Even as a ghost the guitarist cannot penetrate her apartment, which he would love to do. He would watch her eat breakfast and read her books and take a shower and get dressed in the morning. Unable to do so he merely haunts the nearest fire hydrant, causing this dog and that dog to perk their ears, as if hearing a song that distracts them from a quick urination.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse