Small Huts in the Suburbs – Comfort #594

Posted on November 25, 2011


When the giant came out of the mountains we worshiped him as a god. He had a particular taste for pie and coffee. We  baked pies that took up entire swimming pools. We brought offerings of coffee by the truck load. We loved the giant, who would tell us stories that only giants knew. We lived on his belly in small huts and slept to the sound of his gentle heart beat. Years went by and we fed him the same diet. Eventually we had to remove his right foot. He had come down with diabetes from eating too much sugar. A year after that he developed an accelerated heart problem from drinking too much coffee. We had to move from his belly to the suburbs because his heart beat grew fierce, like a devilish drum, and no one could sleep. When the giant died we brought in a crane and dipped him in a lake of bronze.

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