Zoning Issues #43

Posted on November 23, 2011


We drew straws and I got the short one. Damn, I said. You have to go and tell her, they said. There was a troll living on the outskirts of town. She liked to tell terrible jokes and eat people. As city planners we had recently made the decision to exclude troll caves from the local zoning codes. I’ll be eaten, I said. That’s why we are excluding trolls from our town, they said. Can’t we send a certified letter, I asked. No, they said. Go, they said, you drew the short straw. I was very fond of the existential idea of freedom of choice. I also wanted to continue to exist. That is why I hopped into one of the city trucks and drove to Mexico. There were no trolls in Mexico. Only chupacabras and pinatas and bars.

Posted in: City Planning