Nintendo – Curse #755

Posted on November 19, 2011


This year I am serious about killing Snowman. Although he has a history of narrow escapes, I have devised a rather deadly trap. I have stolen his nose and placed it in a building that is under construction. The studs are the only thing holding the frame of the building up. I’ve also setup sixteen Salamanders and connected them to a propane tank. I left Snowman his eyes and a letter. I have your nose, I said. I have your nose and if you want it back you have to go to this address and get it.

When Snowman lurches into the building, I’ll light the salamanders. There will be a spark of light, and then a great heat that will melt Snowman. The frame of the building will also catch fire. If he is not instantly killed, he will be crushed to death in a fiery inferno.

One year I asked agent Klaus for a Nintendo and I never got one so I promised myself that I would get everyone he loved. I will take a picture of the nose and send it to his secret base in the Artic.

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