Do Not Disturb – Paranoia #403

Posted on November 16, 2011


This hotel is full of rooms and I think my room number was 1254 but now I am concerned that it may have been 1245 or maybe even 1524. The reason is that there is a light on in the room and I did not leave a light on and the noises are so loud and sickening and now the sheets will be unclean and the little soaps will have been disturbed. I could try to open the door but then the key may work and I do not know what I will find. Some things are better to be met in the aftermath once the destruction and the carnage and the absolute thrill of the event is done. I will probably just leave and come back later. I hope there is no blood or urine in the bed, but you can never tell when you aren’t even sure if you have the right room number.

Posted in: Year 1: Paranoia