Benefits of Running – Comfort #191

Posted on November 15, 2011


There has been a lot of cult like peer pressure lately. It began innocently enough. You are fat, my friends said. You are fat and lazy and your belly is so large we thought you might be having a baby.  All these friends then go on to say that there are many benefits to running. One of my friends hands me a survey. Look at these, she says. Look at these and measure whether you agree that running provides the benefit listed. So far I am not sure if all of these benefits are real. For example, it says that I can eat anything if I run. I can even eat elephants, it says. I know for a fact that my teeth are too weak to chew through the flesh of an elephant. But what power. What strength! Part of me is left to wonder whether maybe it is worth trying. But the couch and I have a close relationship. How could I ever turn my back on it? And yet even now I am thinking about my group of friends and how nice it would be to join the club. It would be so nice, provided I survive the whole running thing.


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