Dumpster Diver – Comfort #289

Posted on November 14, 2011


When his girlfriend kicked him out of the house he began to live in a dumpster like Oscar the Grouch. For years (as a child) he had watched Oscar and his pretty happening bachelor life and decided it couldn’t be that bad. Sure, he might be grouchy once in a while but that was probably due to not having an X-Box or electrical lighting anymore. To celebrate he decided to have a dumpster warming party and hung balloons and invited everyone he knew but no one showed up except a bum who had found an invitation that someone had thrown out.

The bum had come to start a dumpster fire because it was beginning to get cold that time of year and he thought that dumpster warming meant fire fire fire. He no longer cared about his dumpster so he let the bum start his fire and became a bum too and thought that whiskey and the rolling stone style of life would be better than all the friends who apparently had chosen her over him.


Posted in: Year 1: Comfort