Office Life – Curse #333P

Posted on November 12, 2011


Because I am the guy who works with spreadsheets, no one else in the office likes me. People have begun warning me not to come to their cube. We do not like you, they say. They say, you are the one who works with spreadsheets which are esoteric and have oh so many lines and that magically compute numbers and we do not understand that or trust anyone who can communicate with such arcane creations and we are generally unhappy with what we have to do for a living but you seem to like all of these spreadsheets. The warnings were verbal at first. They quickly became more aggressive. I would get pushed waiting in line for coffee. People began sending me spam mail to remind me not to come and visit them. Yesterday someone placed the head of the guy who use to work on spreadsheets on a pike to serve as a more visceral warning. I tell my girlfriend these stories about the office. Oh dear, she says. You are being too sensitive.  I say, no I’m not they really hate people who work on spreadsheets. We fight over this and she asks why I didn’t just become an artist or a trash collector and I shake my head and say, what was I thinking, what was I thinking? White collar work? What was I thinking?

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