What the Sign Reads – Curse #246U

Posted on November 7, 2011


I’ve been watching her in the grove for the past few days. She has been watching the fruit. You are making me nervous, I say.

I’m just looking, she says. She reaches out and touches the fruit.

There is a sign back there that says do not pick the fruit, I say.

Do you think it would be juicy, she says.

The fruit probably has chemicals all over it, I say.

She pokes the fruit.

The fruit probably will make you have mutant children, I say.

She goes to nibble the fruit, but stops and looks back at me. I don’t know, she says. We carry cell phones everywhere.

The fruit will probably have worms in it if there are no chemicals, I say.

The cell phones will probably give me mutant babies, she says.

The grove of fruit is miles from the city. We came out here to camp. So far we have obeyed the rules.

The sign reads do not start fires unless that is what it takes to get naked.

The sign reads do not drink margaritas unless… see previous rule.

The sign reads do not pick the fruit, under any circumstance.

We have not picked the fruit.

No, I say. They have to have chemicals all over the place. Don’t touch the fruit.

She is holding out her hands as if she is going to cradle the fruit.  I guess we don’t even have cell phone signal out here, she says. I guess we are safe.

Mutant babies, I warn.  We should get back in the tent, I say.

We should have a snack, she says.

We should go before the bears come, I say. It is 2 o’clock. You know the bears come at 2:10 pm.

Where is that knife, she says.

We can’t fight the bears with a knife, I say.

Where is the cutting board, she says.

I don’t want to eat the fruit, I say.

You don’t have to eat the fruit, she says. She looks like she is about to lick the fruit, but maybe not. I can never tell what she is about to do. She is infected with so many choices, and wants to try them all.

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