Women’s Room – Comfort #104

Posted on November 5, 2011


One time at the urinal I could not go no matter how full my bladder was. The problem was the design of the urinal, or more specifically the placement of the light above the urinal. It was so close to my head, and so hot, that I began to sweat almost immediately. I tried to go, but I couldn’t. I began to wonder who was responsible for urinal design and whether they did this as some sick way to get their kicks off innocent bystanders that couldn’t go pee if they were sweating. The light was so hot that I went bald. I had to sneak into the women’s room and use a toilet there, which went quite pleasantly well. That was my first visit to the women’s room. After I was finished doing my business I surveyed the landscape. There was potpourri and an ice cream stand. Potpourri and an ice cream stand, I said. Nice! The man who was working the ice cream stand laughed. What can I get, he said. I ordered a chocolate cone and sat on granite bench next to a banana tree. There were other women there and they were all polite. Excuse me, they said. Pardon me, another said. Nice to meet you, said another. I spent a lot of time in the women’s room, getting to know the ice cream vendor and meeting women. Eventually I found one and married her and we left the women’s room. A lot of people are nervous when they get married. What if it doesn’t work out? I knew that if that happened I could always kill her and dump her body in the chocolate fountain in the women’s room. There were a lot of fish in the sea. That translates into there are a lot of women in the women’s room.

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