Maintaining – Advice #369

Posted on November 4, 2011


I manage a second personality. This personality has another name. Maybe Billing Boggart. Someone will repeat, Billing Boggart?? Billing will allow his cheeks to redden slightly. Yes, he will say. An unfortunate name. My parents must have wanted to challenge me.

What isn’t immediately apparent is that Billing Boggart is the personality that I let out during failures. He takes all of the blame and protects the ego of my other personality. Unfortunately he is beginning to catch on. He has been listening to more and more blues records. Sometimes I will hear him dancing and weeping in his room and smell cigarettes. I think he may be growing depressed by the thought that my other personality is more well liked than he is.

One should always maintain a second personality, but it comes with a cost. You must constantly play to the ego of both personalities, much as a mother or father tells their children that no one is the favorite. That they love both the same. I will have to go up and have a talk with Billing and tell him that I am proud of him and that he has accomplished a lot and his future is so bright. I will say, your future is so bright, Billing. I am so proud of you.

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