New Construction – Comfort #573

Posted on October 31, 2011


Since Valentine’s Day the buildings around town have gotten a little emotional. By emotional I mean that all they want to do is watch movies about love or listen to music about love or recite poems about love or eat ice cream. Some of them have been getting tattoos of lovers in various poses and stages of life. The buildings have limited mental facilities, which make them excellent for the love industry. They do not realize that they will never be in love or have a lover. They are stationary. They are cold and made of bricks and mortar and wood. Those of us who own buildings are getting a little tired of this behavior. There is a long wait list for bulldozers and wrecking balls. We are going to have to kill all of the buildings, tear them down, and build new ones. The new buildings will need to be energy efficient, which means they will be constructed of mostly glass and steel and no love whatsoever.

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