Gauge the Challenge – Advice #758

Posted on October 28, 2011


She tried to explain to him that sometimes she thought she would like to be a building. It might be nice to have a hundred people living inside her. Not in a creepy way, she insisted. Not in a she was going to have a hundred babies way. In a very required living sort of way. These people would need shelter. They would need plumbing and mechanicals and carpets. She would be taller, so she hoped he liked taller women. She would be eight stories high.  But she was willing to let him live inside her, with the other ninety-nine tenants.  And, she added with a sense of relief, it might explain the voices. The voices wouldn’t be voices in her head, telling her to do this or that. They would merely be the sound of living, the voices thrown down hallways and out windows. He took all of this in and thought that she was going to be a difficult lay, but he was very stupid and up for the challenge.

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