Gourmet Dining – Comfort #999B

Posted on October 27, 2011


Last week the frogs came from beneath the ground.  They were large and instantly took over. We want worms, they demanded.  We got them worms.  We dug in the dirt with our hands and brought thousands of pounds of worms for our new rulers.  We are hot, they said.  Of course they were.  They had decided to take over in mid July.  We used garden hoses to keep the frogs cool and wet and happy.  Earlier that day some of us had gotten out of line.  The frogs had warned them to stop getting out of line.  We warned them to stop getting out of line too.  They didn’t listen and they stayed out of line so the frogs used their giant frog tongues and ate them.  We want your beer, the frogs demanded.  We want to party with you.  Everyone paused at this demand.  We eventually gave in.  Frogs love to drink.  They grew very drunk and sang karaoke badly.   As the frogs slept drunken and jolly, we murdered them.  We brought in the chefs and dined on frog legs for a year.

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