Faint of Heart – Curse #191C

Posted on October 26, 2011


I cannot explain where all of these bandages are coming from.  My girlfriend, who is a scientist, was the first suspect.  She has been known to experiment on me from time to time.  Those experiments are usually psychological, but I thought she had finally decided to breach her professional ethics and begin human experimentation.  She has sworn ten times that she has not been the cause for this recent rash of bandages.  You must have had an accident and forgot, she said. You are clumsy, she giggled.  Maybe the cause of the band-aids is not what I should be focusing on, but rather what lies underneath the bandages. There could be anything: A treacherous incision, a new eyeball, or even a hairy nipple. I haven’t had the courage to look.  This is a problem I believe many people struggle with. At this point I do not have to deal with whatever is beneath the bandage.  Once I see it, once it becomes real, I’ll probably just pass out or throw up or both.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse