The Helpers Carry Pillows – Comfort #718

Posted on October 24, 2011


Ever since she had a nervous breakdown people will not stop trying to help her. Ever since she broke all of the windows on the block, throwing bricks here and there, these helpers have been following her around the city. She does not like to be touched or to have her things touched, so this has been a problem. For example, no one will let her eat without trying to assist her. Someone will come over and stick a finger in her chicken potpie to see if it is too hot. Gross, she will say. That is disgusting. Did you wash your hands? You eat it now, she cries. If she orders sushi everyone will eat a piece of the fish. No one will let her order Mackerel. There are parasites in thirty percent of mackerel, they will say. We are watching after you, they will swear. God damnit, she will swear. When she sleeps they will stand over her bed with pillows and smile down at her. We are here for you, they will say. For me, she will repeat. But she never doubts that they will smother her if she sleeps for even a moment.

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