Siberia – Curse #445F

Posted on October 19, 2011


My girlfriend doesn’t like me so she put me to work in the orchard. I’ve been filling these huge crates with oranges. Now I’m in trouble. I have about two hundred more crates to fill but I have ate all the oranges. I’m going to have to fill the crates with other things now. I think I will begin with the stray cat population, because they will probably enjoy Siberia, where the crates are being shipped. If I don’t find enough stuff to put in the crates my girlfriend will kill me. I know this because she packed my lunch and left a note in the lunchbox under the Juicy Juice that said: if you don’t meet your quota I will kill you. After the stray cats I will start stealing clothes off the line, and then I will find small children because they are easy to trick and weigh about the same as fifty oranges.  If I run out of objects, I will just ship myself. Better that I go to Siberia than face my girlfriend, who doesn’t like me anyway, and who will murder me for failing another trivial test.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse