Grow Corn – Advice #5514

Posted on October 16, 2011


This year the biggest problem facing the farm is that the apples keep killing each other. We are referring to it as apple murder. It is difficult to find a use for a murdered apple. We have been using a shovel to clean up what is left and compost it. Meanwhile, we have begun to put the murderous apples on trial. Those who are sentenced to death (they all are) get baked in a pie or as dumplings. Now people are picketing our farm. Say no to the death penalty, they chant. The protestors still buy the dumplings and the pies, but this whole mess is eating into our profits. We make more money selling apples intact and in bulk.  We could really use a subsidy from the USDA, but that probably isn’t going to happen. Not until we plow the entire orchard and start growing corn.

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