Missing Faces – Curse #7755

Posted on October 15, 2011


He tried hard to remember what his wife looked like. He knew her name and that they were married and that they had been together for twelve years but could not remember her face or where she had gone. He tried to refresh his memory by looking through their photo albums. In every picture her face was a blur.  Who is my wife, he muttered. There was an instinct to run out into the public and frantically ask everyone he came across whether they had seen her. He was a polite man though. He knew where the utensils belonged at the dinner table and which way to pass the bread. This prevented him from engaging the rest of the world, who he believed had their own problems to solve. He continued to strain his memory hoping to remember a nose or whether she had a face at all. It was possible, he thought, that he was merely attracted to mysterious women.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse