Business Advice #9

Posted on October 9, 2011


One problem with owning a clothing store is the dressing rooms. People are always using them to steal clothes. Even worse are the people who try on things that are far too tight. To solve these problems I hired a wolf man to patrol the store. He has great hearing with those big ears. He is also somewhat intimidating because he does cardio and lifts weights. Sure. Sometimes there are problems that arise from employing a wolf man. Anytime there is a full moon he will not be in the next day. Apparently he gets terrible hangovers. Sometimes I have to hit him on the nose with a newspaper when he tinkles in the store, but he’s getting better about that. Unfortunately two weeks ago he ate a small child who wouldn’t stop screaming for a happy meal.  This is a great time to illustrate the importance of insurance. Insurance usually covers these unexpected incidents. Buy it.

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