Cupcakes Fall Apart – Advice #7565

Posted on September 29, 2011


I married a pastry chef but we don’t talk that much anymore. The thing that makes our marriage terrible is that she makes me work the front register of the dessert store. I hate counting. I’ve never liked that stupid numeral system. Lately we have had a serious problem. Everyone is coming into the shop and stealing bites of dessert. My wife has threatened me numerous times with the cookie cutters and the oven. You’ve heard of Hansel and Gretel, she warns. You’ve heard about how the witch falls into the oven, she says. Every time I turn my back another cupcake is missing a chunk of itself. What happened to the cupcakes, my wife says. I say, they are falling apart so you must not be a very good chef. The next thing I know I have a bakers sheet upside my head and I’m on the ground thinking that this just goes to show the error of my way, which was that I should have married a nice ballerina like mother wanted.

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