Marriage Proposals – Curse #504

Posted on September 27, 2011


The handbook was entitled Commercial Underwriting, which meant it was comprised of technicalities but had one primary message: the world was full of extraordinary risk. Most people who had tried to read the handbook fell into a deep sleep so there were no reviews on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. There was one man who had actually read the book. He was difficult to be found for comment. He was hiding somewhere in a very solid concrete bunker, full of fear towards the unknown. He spent a lot of time playing checkers with himself, which was quite challenging because he preferred Monopoly but was concerned that he might cheat. Being the banker was a very difficult responsibility. He once thought that he would buy a robot companion someday but later he revised this thought because you never knew when a robot might go absolutely nuts, which was why he had no companion to begin with. Sadly the man recently passed away due to some cantaloupe tainted by Listeria. Had he survived he would never have written a review of the handbook anyway. There is so much risk in saying what you believe about anything in the world. Someone might disagree or throw a tomato at you or slash your tires or ask you to marry them.

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