Building #31

Posted on September 24, 2011


I am looking for building 31, but there are only three buildings and they are numbered 2, 13, and 24. My first thought was that the other twenty eight buildings were stolen and moved to new locations. Building theft is on the rise. Now, as I’m looking at building number 2, I am blaming the American education system for its failure to teach basic¬†arithmetic. For example, I still have no idea what trigonometry actually is. On second thought, maybe it is a biological defect in my own brain. Maybe my mother ate too many microwave dinners while she was pregnant with me. Maybe this caused me to be dyslexic and I’m actually looking for building 13 instead of building 31. None of this matters though, because I can’t even remember why I am going to find one particular building or another. I’m just wandering place to place, sneaking into open windows.

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