Where Did I Leave That Story – Paranoia #46

Posted on September 22, 2011


I started finding these stories that I write in various places around town. I found one yesterday in an art gallery and I had to stop and think, when did I leave this story here? Now I am finding stories in bathroom stalls and in alleys. Memory is not something that is easy to trust, but I am beginning to think that it is not my memory and is merely that I am sleep walking and accidentally dropping stories. If that is not the case then my doppelganger must be doing it, but this seems unlikely since I staked him in the heart, which is suppose to kill doppelgangers, or maybe that was silver bullets.  Sometimes I listen to music with headphones on and I begin to think about things and then I begin to think that I am saying those things aloud. This is exactly how I feel about finding stories all over the place. The stories are dripping out and I must find and plug the leak. I will buy some handcuffs to make sure I stay in bed and I will grab some silver bullets too, just in case I see some jack ass that looks like me walking around with a pen or a marker or more likely some crayons.

Posted in: Year 1: Paranoia