Bleed the Linguist – Curse #483

Posted on September 21, 2011


The Linguist believes that today no one cares about linguistics.  He tells people that this is a damn shame.  The Linguist’s children do not like to go out in public with him.  One day his sons have a field trip to the zoo and the Linguist manages to chaperon because he loves to go places with children who are ripe for lecturing. One of the other parents points at the rhinoceros exhibit and says, hey kids look at the rhinoceroses! Of course the linguist is that guy that everyone thinks is a prick because he has been correcting the English language all day. It is Rhinoceri, he says. Rhinoceri, my dear chap.  His sons and their friends and the friend’s parent want to bleed the linguist. No one likes to be corrected. No one cares that it is Rhinoceri. His sons, who are reaching puberty, have begun to ask questions such as what is the plural of the male anatomy, to which the linguist is dumbfounded and asks why.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse