How to Find a Mid Afternoon Snack – Advice #34

Posted on September 8, 2011


There is a strange briefcase in the restroom. Suspicion would be the first instinct of most people, however, I have always been deathly curious of locked containers. That is why I am trying to break the code for the latches on the briefcase. I want to know what is inside. The mystery is killing me. If someone comes into the restroom they will surely ask if the briefcase is mine. I will say yes and that I locked my keys inside it and forgot the combination and tell them that it is a new briefcase. I will say that I need to cut it open and ask if they could help me out. Then we will find out what is inside and I will let loose a rather unnerving howl of victory. I hope there are cupcakes inside, or anything else that is edible. I am hungry and I have no qualms about eating strange food from a strange briefcase abandoned in the restroom.

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