Change of Scenery – Curse #54T

Posted on September 7, 2011


I was in a bad mood so I took a nap. I woke up married to this woman who I couldn’t quite place. She said that she had been my wife for three years. She said, don’t you remember me, Henry?

My name isn’t Henry, I said. My name was Harry.

Three years, she began to cry. Three years down the drain. She was in hysterics.

Sure enough I had a ring on my finger. So did she. Wow, I said. I said, where did I find the money to buy you a diamond that big?

Don’t be stupid, Henry, she said.

I’m Harry, I said.

You are filthy rich, she said. You made a fortune through monetary exchange!

What, I said. That’s ridiculous. I know nothing about monetary exchange, I said. I stopped myself. Wait a second. Sure enough, I did know a thing or two about monetary exchange! I made a note to check the market for the Yen later that evening.

Rich, I said. Huh. I looked at this woman, who called herself Wilma, and I shrugged. She might be okay. It is funny, I thought. It is funny how sometimes you shift from one life into another and all due to a nap or a bad mood.

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